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Brethren History Video Series, VHS

Video by William R. Eberly (Teacher) and David Sollenberger (Videographer)


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780 Minutes

"Seven video cassettes containing over 13 hours of teaching in a seminar setting. The material has been edited into 30 study sessions of about 20 minutes each. Some of the session topics include Historical Setting; Rise of Anabaptists; The First Seven; Baptism; Colonial America; Westward Migration; Feet Washing; Brethren Publishers; Higher Education; Annual Conference; Five Brethren Bodies; Peace Position; Reconciliation; and Brethren Service. The teacher is William R. Eberly, former Annual Conference Secretary (1967-77) and Moderator (1980) of the Church of the Brethren. A study guide written by John David Bowman is included."

Taught by William R. Eberly