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The Complete Writings of Alexander Mack

William R. Eberly, Editor, 1992


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120 Pages

For the first time, all the writings of Alexander Mack Sr., the founder of the Brethren movement in Germany in 1708, are available in a single publication. These include the two largest books, Basic Questions (1715) and Rights and Ordinances (1715), which are well known and have been reprinted, but they have not been available for many years. Also included are a short tract or letter issued by the Brethren in 1708 and Mack's letter to Count Charles August in 1711. Two translations of Mack's hymn, Count the Cost (13 verses), are included, as well as a modem musical setting of the hymn. Some manuscript notes on blank pages of his personal Bible complete the collection of all known writings of Mack. A short biography of Mack is included, as well as a comprehensive bibliography of all known writings about Mack's works.